Virtual Switchboard

Also known as IVR, Virtual Switchboard provides an interactive customer experience that guides callers to the right department or individual, and we provide an online interface that allows you to set the options that callers encounter.

Call Blocking

Put an end to unwanted callers with Call Blocking, and the next time they try to call you we'll either play them a dead tone or a polite message telling them they've been blocked.

Call Alerts

Missed a call? Don't worry - our Call Alerts feature will send you an email and/or a SMS alert to let you know and to give you the caller's details so you can return their call.

Origin-Based Routing

Routes incoming calls on the basis of where the calls originate, which allows you to send calls to the most local agent.

Home Ringtone

Many business owners don't wish to confuse callers with a foreign ringtone - with our Home Ringtone feature the caller will hear a U.K. ringtone, even if you are handling the call outside the U.K.

Call Queuing

Sometimes there are only so many calls you can take at any one time - Call Queuing is a common solution to this problem.

Parallel Routing

If you just want to be sure callers are answered swiftly, our Parallel Routing feature will ring up to 6 destinations simultaneously.

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